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From the early days of rock to the current generation of doohickey named rock bands, we do not discriminate against anyone. If you are an aspiring band in Germany and wish to be acknowledged or need a global stage to receive exposure, then do get in touch with us. We can make that happen for you thanks to the many loyal fans we made during our live music days.

Let’s start off with the top German bands in the entire world. This list includes all eras and generations. It is not restricted solely to rock music either but to German bands in general.


Unknown to many the Scorpions are actually a very old band dating back first to 1965 when they released their very own album in Hanover. It was released by Rudolk Schenker and ever since then they have migrated seamlessly between the world of heavy metal and hard rock playing all kinds of tracks. Often sell their tickets on HallTickets.org


Probably the most notable of all German global bands, Rammstein is best known for their Deutsche Industrial Music. There is not a single bad song. Every Rammstein song is always pure genius.


The only Thrash metal entrant in the world of German rock bands, Kreator makes music that is similar to Sodom, Tankard and Destruction. They are also said to be the kings of Teutonic Thrash Metal.


Another metal band from Hamburg, Germany. These folks came to the limelight in 1984 by pumping out power metal albums in quick succession. Their best gift to the world is the Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1 and Part 2.

Tokio Hotel

A pop rock band that hails from Magdeburg, Germany – it gained popularity from 2005 onwards and are mostly known for their Pop style and German influence.

Blind Guardian

A German power metal band that first came onto the scene back in 1980s. They are considered one of the most powerful and influential metal bands in the world responsible for the creation of the sub-genre – speed metal. They took major inspiration from the Queens and relied on a specific style of overdubbing.


Among the top five best German bands in the world, they originally hail from the quaint town of Solingen and are just as good as the rest.


A German electronic music band that came together in 1970 continuing till 2008 until the departure of one of their key members.


Another thrash metal entrant, Sodom hails from Gelsenkirchen and it formed way back in 1981. Their line-up has undergone several changes over the years with bassist vocalist Tom Angelripper being the only constant.