Methods of Collecting Customer Feedback

Collecting feedback from your customers can have a number of different impacts on your business – the majority of which being positive. Even negative feedback can help improve different aspects in your business by highlighting your mistakes or imperfections. Thanks to customer review websites, there are numerous online methods to collect customer feedback, as well as more traditional methods such as questionnaires or forms for customers to fill in once they have had a vehicle repaired by you for example.

Due to the majority of businesses around the world being reachable online, email and website-based feedback forms provide customers with a very quick “there and then” opportunity to get their opinions across to your business. Some websites use forms designed by others, or hosted by different feedback companies, for ease of use, or instead are just registered on dedicated customer review sites, such as and Touch Local.

According to Anne Frank, “Taking suggestions from customers can also help develop your business for the better – after all, you’re working towards pleasing them so you should listen to their ideas and see if they know how to improve your business for the better and help bring in more customers.”

After all, implementing new features and ideas based on previous customer experiences will show that you are willing to interact with your customer base and take ideas on board to improve yourself and your business.

Dependent on your type of business, it can be more difficult to change what you do, how you work, and do new things, however as long as you do your best to collect feedback in whatever fashion you prefer, you can monitor how your business is performing in terms of customer satisfaction and spot any problems that customers mention, and work on how to iron them out further down the line.

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