Strange Rock Facts

We all know rock stars live a precarious life. One moment they are role models and enjoying their rise and the very next, they are social outcasts with boatload of money and boredom to the hilt. Here’s a unique list of rock facts that not many are aware of.

Giving Away Proceeds

Fleetwood Mac are a global phenomenon still heard today and their band while being active for four decades had at a point in time contemplated giving away all their earnings to charity and trying to survive only on bare essentials. The proposing member, Peter Green unfortunately became unpopular among the band after this incident and was forced to leave in 1970.

Rock in Every Song

Ac/DC has record number of sales and many sold-out shows over the years but it also holds another record. This Australian heavy metal band has a total of 22 songs with titles that have the word “Rock” somewhere in them. In other words, two of their albums have Rock in every song title.

Travelling Psychic

A notorious legend, Axl Rose is as close a rock star can come to being weird on and off stage. He not only loved hoarding Latin American religious artifacts but also toured alongside a psychic by the name of Sharon Maynard. Fondly she was known as Yoda.

First Online Album

Prince became the first every Rock band to release an entire album on the internet. Their album called the Crystal Ball was released through the internet bypassing music distribution channels setting the precedent for online music sales.

Death Prediction

Buddy Holly died at the age of 22 in a plane crash. However, much before this incident British producer Joe Meek had predicted this outcome and warned Holly not to travel in February. As it stands, Holly met with the unfortunate accident on 3rd February 1959.

Penis Explosion

Probably the most outrageous sex stories in the rock and roll world, the person in limelight is Chuck Negron. He loved his fast encounters and never shied away from copious amounts of lovemaking. Eventually, his penis became swollen and chafed forcing doctors to issue a no-sex solution, which Chuck obviously disobeyed. He had to undergo a surgery just to stitch his penis back up again!

First Million Copy

The record for million copies sold goes to Fats Domino. This talented rock artist of the 50s and 60s had hardly any competition in his genre at the time. It was only Elvis Presley who managed to break the records held by Fats Domino. The first record titled The Fat Man went on and sold a good million plus copies.